Celebrating the History of Black Americans
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COSEBOC Fall and Winter Series | Equity
Front, Center, and Fulfilled
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COSEBOC 2020 Fall-Winter Series
"Equity: Front, Center, and Fulfilled"

Eagle Academy and Kingmakers of OaklandUp next!

Eagle Academy for Young Men and Kingmakers of Oakland follow the African Proverb that states the children shall lead. Two of the most impactful and pioneering organizations from New York/New Jersey to Oakland, Calfornia center young people and remove any doubt of the good hands our futures are in. In this cross-coastal collaboration, young people stand in the center and give direction to the path we should embark on and the power we set forth. 


Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021
 1 p.m. Pacific / 4 p.m. Eastern
Admission: $49.99
Location: Online Event
Winter Series Flyer: Download PDF here



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Knowing, Understanding and Celebrating the History of Black Americans

During this Black History Month, I challenge all of us to better know, understand, and appreciate the contributions made by Black Americans. Here is my question: Will we commit to dive deeper into the ocean of new ideas and inventions, and into the impact made by Black people? I encourage us all to reach beyond the shallow pool of Black history that only acknowledges the usual histories of the usual names that we memorize each year.

The Exceptional Project Announces Ron Walker as Exceptional Man of the Week!

COSEBOC is pleased and honored that our Executive Director, Ron Walker, has been named Exceptional Man of the Week by the ExceptionAL Project.

Meet our Exceptional Man of the Week! Ron Walker is a devoted husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend. Read on to see how he LEADS, LIVES, and LOVES!

This Is Why We Vote

If ever there was a time for us to be the curators of the change we want to see, it is now. 2020 has brought us a horrible global pandemic and has underscored the 400 year-long pandemic of racial oppression and anti-Blackness in this nation, increasing the agency for BMA leaders like us to be the curators of the change we want to see with increasing clarity. An inherent part of being a curator of change is believing that we already have access to everything we need.

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