GOL18 Workshops

COSEBOC 12th Annual Gathering of Leaders
Boys and Young Men of Color: Liberated, Empowered and Educated
Boston Park Plaza Hotel | Boston, MA |  May 29 - 31, 2018

Wednesday Block 1A (90 min)
1:30pm - 3pm

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  1. Drive to Five: Equipping Dads for Maximum Performance in 0-5 Years
    Kenneth Braswell, Executive Director, Fathers Incorporated
  2. Facing Inferiority: 3 Instructional Strategies Using Race and Economics to Liberate, Empower, and Educate Boys of Color
    Mike Brown, Principal: PreK-12, Freedom Prep
  3. Creating Adult Spaces for Educational Equity that Support the Empowerment and Liberation of Boys of Color
    Christina Brown, Consultant, TNTP
  4. Equity 101
    Patrick Johnson, Director, Tacoma Public Schools
  5. A Circle with Our Brothers: Using Restorative Practices to Connect and Heal
    Abdul-Malik Muhammad, Executive Director, Akoben
  6. Standing in the Gap: Addressing the Need for Black Male Presence in Schools Through Community Engagement
    Quan Neloms, Teacher, Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men
  7. 5 Strategies to Securing Grants & Corporate Sponsorships for Organizations Serving Men and Boys of Color
    Patrick Patterson, President, Global Partners for Fathers and Families
  8. Unpacking our Adaptive Unconscious: Becoming a Culturally Competent Urban Educator
    Velecia Saunders, Principal: PreK-12, McKinley Schools
  9. Preparing Youth How to Get and Keep a Job
    Matthew Stevens, Teacher: PreK-12, College Achieve School
  10. The Silent Confidence Killer: How Loss Compromises & Dismantles Our Emotional & Mental Well Being
    Mischa Toland, Consultant, Greatness Now

Wednesday Block 1B (90 min)
3:30pm - 5pm

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  1. Restructuring Alternative Ed to Meet the Needs of Boys of Color
    Rayna Briceno, Administrator, Boston Public Schools: Community Academy
  2. Recruiting and Retaining Teachers of Color Q.U.I.C.K.! (Qualified, Quality, Unique, Intuitive, Inspiring, Collaborative, Caring, Kinesthetic and Knowledgeable
    Shareefah Mason, Teacher: PreK-12, Sarah Zumwalt Middle School
  3. Engaging Young Men of Color Through Positive STEM Experiences & Highly Individualized Support
    Alyson Mehr, Director Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  4. Books for Black Boys: Creating Transformative Independent Reading Experiences
    Kimberly Parker, Supervisor, Shady Hill School
  5. RISK: Take it Early, Use it Often, Push Forward
    K. Chase Patterson, Administrator, Urban Academy of Greater Pittsburgh
  6. The Wakonda Effect: Helping Our Boys Heal Emotionally and Flourish Academically #blackboyjoy
    Kristin Rainville, College/University Staff, Sacred Heart University
  7. MINDFULNESS: A Tool to Help Young Men of Color Succeed
    Kevin Rank, Administrator New York City Department of Education
  8. Approaches and Insights to Mentoring Boys and Young Men of Color
    Elizabeth, Santiago, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership
  9. Advancing Health, Education and Community Conditions to Promote Success in Boys and Young Men of Color
    Linda Sheriff, Director, The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools
  10. Equity Pedagogy: Enabling Students of Color to Achieve
    Karla Vigil, EduLeaders of Color, RI/Center for Collaborative Education

Wednesday Block 2 (3 hours)
1:30pm - 5pm

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  1. Trauma and The Student Athlete: Creating a Therapeutic Environment Using Restorative Practices and Circle Process
    Byron Beaman, Jeremiah E. Burke High School
  2. Liberation Education: How New York City Is Working to Empower Young Men of Color as They C.L.I.M.B to the Summit of Their Potential
    Hector Calderon, Curriculum Director/Specialist, NYC DOE's Urban Ambassadors
  3. Kingmakers of Oakland - Treating the Fish in the Toxic Ecosystem
    Chris Chatmon, Executive Director, OUSD African American Male Achievement (AAMA)
  4. Empowering Youth Through Civic Engagement: Curriculum as a Tool for Agency and Equality
    Eliza Fabillar, Education Development Center, Inc.
  5. High Expectations Teaching to Empower Cultural Proficiency
    Jon Saphier, President, Research for Better Teaching
  6. Deepening the Conversation About Race: Engaging and Sustaining Adult and Young Men of Color
    Glenn Singleton, President, Courageous Conversation
  7. Building Trust, Respect, and Critical Thinking Skills Through Engaging and Interactive Initiative Games
    Linda Solomon, Teacher: PreK-12, BTU / Boston Public Schools
  8. The Culturally Relevant Classroom, A Focus on Children of African Descent
    Aminata Umoja, Executive Director, Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute
  9. It's not justice: Using Restorative Practices to Nurture a Culturally Affirming, Community Building, School Climate for Young Men of Color
    Angela Ward, Administrator, Austin Independent School District (ISD)
  10. The Great Debate: Using Evidence-Based Argumentation (EBA) and Policy Debate to Amplify Student Voice
    Kimberly Willingham, Boston Debate League (DBL)

Thursday Block 3 (90 min)

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  1. Improving the Teachers We Already Have: Feedback as a Tool of School Improvement
    Lionel Allen, Jr., Chief Academic Officer, Urban Prep Academies
  2. Math for Agency
    Danielle Alli, Teacher: PreK-12, Boston Public Schools-Office of Opportunity & Achievement Gaps
  3. Better Together: Collaborating Across Sectors to Improve Instruction for 3rd & 4th Grade Boys of Color
    Thabiti Brown, Principal: PreK-12, Codman Academy
  4. Why Black Male Educators Matter in the Lives of Black Boys
    Vincent Cobb, The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice
  5. Building and Sustaining Culturally Responsive Environments for Black and Latino Students in NYC School
    Paul Forbes, Executive Director, NYC Department of Education (ESI)
  6. Healing Minds: Fostering Positive Educational Outcomes for Boys of Color Through a Comprehensive, Culturally-Relevant School Mental Health Program
    Charmain Jackman, Administrator, Charmain Jackman
  7. From the Beginning: The Importance of Educational and Emotional Stability for Little Boys
    Abigail James, Adjunct Professor
  8. Wakonda! Bringing Coding to Our Boys and Young Men of Color!
    Benadette Manning, Teacher: PreK-12, Boston Public Schools
  9. Identifying Culturally Responsive Educators in Urban Districts
    Cory McCarthy, Administrator, New Mission High School (Boston Public Schools)
  10. Required Reading Reconsidered
    Afrika Afeni Mills, Instructional Coach, BetterLesson
  11. A Tale of Two Schools: Finding “Missing” Black Men in Advanced Placement Courses and Using the Two Schools Framework as a Means to Liberate, Empower, and Educate
    Kayla Morrow, Executive Director, AP for All, NYC Department of Education
  12. Sankofa Sojourn: Process and Impacts of HS Study Abroad to Ghana
    Ani Mwalimu, Executive Director, Pan-African Connections
  13. Intergenerational Mentorship: Leading for the Win-Win
    Hanif Omar, New York City Department of Education District 16 Office of the Superintendent
  14. Building the Legacy: College Completion Strategies for Nationbuilding
    Brian Peterson, Director, Makuu: The Black Cultural Center
  15. The Paradox of Liberation, Empowerment, & Education: Challenging Biases, Privilege, & Power in Ourselves and Our Institution
    Efrain Ramirez, LAYC Career Academy
  16. Considering Developing an Ethnic Studies Program? First Steps, What to Do and Not Do
    Josue Sakata, Curriculum Director/Specialist, Boston Public Schools
  17. Mastering Challenging Conversations: Preparing New Teachers for Racial Equity Talks Concerning Boys and Young Men of Color
    Jalene Tamerat, Director of New Teacher Development, Boston Public Schools

Thursday Block 4 (90 min)
2:00-3:30 pm

Read Block 2 Workshop Descriptions here

  1. Dreams Unfold, Nightmares Come True
    Ameen Akbar, Director, YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School
  2. Developing Driven, Engaging, Resilient, and Responsible Boys and Young Men
    Clyde Cole, President, Partnership for Boys, Inc.
  3. Bringing to Life the School Code of Conduct: Juvenile Justice Jeopardy an Interactive Tool for Educating Boys of Color
    James Durodola, Director, Strategies for Youth
  4. Implicit Bias: How Well-Intentioned Teachers and Administrators Perpetuate, Widen and Deepen the Achievement, Opportunity and Access Gaps
    Paul Forbes, Executive Director, NYC Department of Education (ESI)
  5. Leveraging Partnerships to Create Restorative School Communities for Our Boys of Color
    Stefani Harvey, Safe and Welcoming Schools specialist, Boston Public Schools (BPS)
  6. Being the Difference: Diversifying the Teaching Force through NYC Men Teach
    Richard Haynes, Director, NYC Department of Education
  7. Blended and Braided: The Impact of Integrating SEL into the Curricular Framework
    Zackory Kirk, Director, Atlanta Public Schools
  8. DIY Coaching: A New Approach to Advancing Equity in Classrooms
    James Likis, Consultant, DIY Coaching
  9. To Board or Not to Board: Exploring the Viability of Establishing an Urban Boarding School for Boys of Color
    Robert Murphy, The Masters Preparatory Academy
  10. Believing in Brilliance: The ABC’s of The Brilliant Boys Book Club
    Michael Redmond, Principal: PreK-12 Truesdell Education Campus/DCPS
  11. Hip-Hop(e): Reinvigorating Social and Emotional Learning with Cultural Relevance and Equity
    Roberto Rivera, Award winning artist, educator, and change agent, CASEL
  12. Creating Meaningful Connections Through Advisory
    Jamila Sams, Consultant, Go to Ms.Sams Inc.
  13. Launching a District Wide Equity Initiative: A Case Study on Challenging the Impact of Institutional Racism on African American Students and Educators
    Allen Smith, Administrator, Denver Public Schools - Culture, Equiity and Leadership Team
  14. Showing our True Colors: Edifying Culturally Sustaining Principal Preparation and Leadership Development of Black Male School Principals
    Phillip A. Smith, College/University Staff, Teachers College, Columbia University
  15. We are C.H.A.M.P.S (Community Healers And Mentors for Personal Success: The Power of Peer Mentorship in Collective Healing for Young Men and Boys of Color
    Kevin Stewart, Consultant, Healing Justice Alliance 
  16. Breaking the Chains: How a New Boston High School Used the Power of Young Men to Build Brotherhood, Define Culture, and Leave a Legacy
    Samuel Texeira, Teacher: PreK-12, Henderson School; Strong Men Strong Leaders
  17. Not a Savage, But a Scholar and a Gentlemen
    Ronald Whitaker, College/University, Staff, Cabrini University